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*You Must Be My Shooting Star Everything I've Wished For Is Everything You Are* [entries|friends|calendar]

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6/27/07 at 12am
[ mood | cold ]

I haven't been on here in so long. Im thinking about making other journal. It's just, this one has so many people in it that I don't talk to anymore and so many memories that I don't care about. I know that sounds mean, but sometimes its nice not to remember....

Besides, things are going pretty swell. Me and zane are going on 1year and 3months. We're off to the beach saturday for a whole week. and I couldn't be more happy.

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lonnnnnnnnggg timmeee [
10/22/06 at 10pm
[ mood | full ]

I havent wrote in a long time. Probably because ive been going threw a ton of shit. I mean seriously this summer couldent have been any worse. I mean although I did have the love of my life beside me the whole TIME! I love you zane ryan. I mean my dad died, then sandra!! I love you and miss you both dearly. Then i mean I worked all the time. 06' summer TOTAL DRAGGGG!! But next year its gunna be theeee shitt...Well I did get a new car. 07' madza 3 Mica Blue! its gorgeous and I love it. But it didnt make anything better except that I dont have a POS car. Me & Zanes 7 months is comming up soon and I couldent be more exctied. Were going to the moutnains this weekend. This is a bunch of random shit I know. I really want a new journal but Im really lazy and dont wanna make another. HOPEFULLYY im getting a new camera soon. I want the new sony cybersot dsc T5! & new funiture to match my pretty gold and red rooom!!

Ohh and I quit my job. It blew. Bob was a fucking douche bag and Im not taking shit from a stupid fucking ARAB!!! suckkk ittt seriously.



Friends ONLY [
5/25/06 at 6pm

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Im making this Friends only

Comment to be added♥

If I dont know you:
1] List your name
2] Picture
3] How you found me


7/21/05 at 7pm
[ mood | apathetic ]

The following people have been deleted.


If you would like to be re-added let me know.


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